AFS Capital

Funds required for American Food Styles’ acquisitions and capitalization efforts are sourced and coordinated through an affiliated organization known as AFS Capital.  AFS Capital maintains a unique investor relationship with a large private bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as other private equity firms focused on long-term, strategic investments.

Why the UAE?

The Middle East is one of the wealthiest concentrations of natural resources in the world.  The region is growing in per capita GDP and per capita food consumption.  These investors are seeking opportunities to grow existing food portfolios or partner with others looking for access to this dynamic emerging market.

These strategic buyers participate in fast-growing markets that include the Middle East and India.  Collectively, this represents approximately 1.6B people, generating $6.4 trillion in GDP (roughly the same size as China).  Annual growth rates run between 3-5% per year over the past three years with similar growth expected.

Why AFS Capital?

AFS Capital is focused solely on food ventures and has developed relationships with private equity sources committed to funding ventures interested in long-term, sustainable growth.  To understand the investment strategy used to bring opportunities to AFS Capital for consideration, you may want to review: