Our Investment Profile

American Food Styles is selective about the businesses it considers for acquisition.  Prospective businesses and brands must meet some basic requirements:

  • Food firms (either manufacturer or specialty retailer) generating between $5M – $20M in EBITDA.
  • Stand-alone operations with the potential for expansion (through either brand acquisition or existing product line extensions).
  • Either fit one of the existing American Food Styles culinary platforms or provide a diverse array of products to warrant the creation of an additional platform.
  • Specialty perishables (e.g. bakery/deli, value-added produce, value-added dairy products) will be considered on an “as available” basis.

Our Evaluation Process

American Food Styles conducts an extensive due diligence process to evaluate the prospect’s brand strength, market potential, financial history, production capacity and quality manufacturing standards.  The results of this evaluation are then compared to the current brands and businesses in the company’s existing portfolio to identify possible conflicts and synergies.

A summary report and recommendation is then presented to an investment committee for evaluation and feedback.  Feedback is expected within thirty days.

If the investment and operations recommendations are approved, American Food Styles works with the funders (coordinated through AFS Capital) to outline the steps to be taken to acquire and assimilate the new business and its brands into the corporate portfolio.

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