Our Culinary Platforms

American Food Styles is currently evaluating food manufacturers and food service companies that fit within any of the following culinary platforms:

  • Classico – Classic Italian food platform featuring superior crust and toppings (pizza), authentic flavors, line extension opportunities into prepared pasta offerings and other traditional Italian fare.
  • Ambrosia – Frozen dessert retailer providing limited customer service and serving delicious treats with high price points and substantial margins. ┬áMenu extension possibilities.
  • Honey Bee – Healthy bakery goods with plenty of room for brand extensions and additional SKU’s.
  • Mise en Place – Specialty retailer focused on freshly-prepared foods.
  • Wild Rice – Manufactured food platform focusing on pre-made soups and sauces. ┬áPlenty of room for expansion.

In addition to the unique flavors and over-all product quality of each offering presented to a buyer or consumer, all culinary platforms managed by American Food Styles will focus on delivering on the following promises:

  • Focus on food safety – impeccable production facilities
  • Compete against categories where the large brands have a hard time responding to more nimble, consumer-centric brands like those managed by American Food Styles
  • Focus on culinary execution
  • No analog flavors (e.g. use maple syrup, not maple flavoring)
  • Chef following – one taste will tell you it’s real
  • Regional authenticity – key components must have a regional connection or source
  • Shelf life must enable the sell rate to generate earnings for the customer
  • Product introductions must include a seasonal component (i.e. “regional and seasonal”)