About American Food Styles

Scott Florence founded American Food Styles in 2012 to identify emerging opportunities that reflect the unique culinary heritages of specialty regional cuisines.  The company is now starting to acquire and grow these unique food brands in a way that preserves their authentic taste and nutrition while broadens their distribution and consumer appeal.

American Food Styles invests in businesses that are looking to provide consumers with authentic taste, nutritional value and perceived economic value.  Products should reflect the skill and passion a well-trained chef would put into a dish but made available to a consumer in a variety of locations – retail, food service, home delivered, etc.

Our intent is to amaze consumers, not surprise them.

Our investment strategy directs us to concentrate on finding early stage start-ups or founder ventures.  The reason for this is to allow entrepreneurs to continue working on their passion while the management team brought in by American Food Styles works to improve operational efficiencies, ramp up marketing efforts, broaden the distribution footprint and take the brand to the next level.

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